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Words to Live By in a Healthy Relationship: 'PATIENCE'

Word of the Day: “Patience”….”Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” - John Quincy Adams

Tina and I have learned that in our relationship there are no problems….just situations…and depending on how we handle the situations, determine whether they become problems or not. The worse thing that a couple can do, when faced with adversity, is act off of impulse. Impulsive action is the result of faithless, fear based, irrational decisions that almost never work out. The first thing that Tina and I do when faced with a volatile situation is pray; that allows us to practice patience and get spiritually centered. Once our spirits are centered, then our perception of the “situation” becomes much more optimistic and the mountain returns to a mole hill. We are then able to make better decisions and better decisions produce better outcomes.

Now of coarse this doesn’t happen all the time, but the more we practice patience, the less difficulties we have to deal with.

So remember to practice patience in your relationship and you will enjoy life as a Complete Chocolate Couple should.

Steven Anthony King

Certified Relationship Coach

Complete Chocolate Couples Inc.

#patience #centered #optimistic #impulsive

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