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Words to Live By in a Healthy Relationship: 'HONESTY'

Word of the Day: “Honesty”….”If you practice honesty you never have to tell the truth” - Unknown.

Honesty is one of the cornerstones of any relationship, without it the foundation will never be stable.

Honesty is not just “telling the truth”; it’s living “truthfully”. The natural bi-product of honesty is trust and a wonderful experience takes place when honesty is exercised….the more you practice it, the more you will trust your partner….why…. because you will trust yourself. Trust carries a positive energy vital to the health of any relationship.

It takes too much energy to be dishonest; you have to remember lies, hope no one catches you and perpetrate an image that’s really a fake.

So “trust the truth”, always practice honesty in your relationship and you will live like a Complete Chocolate Couple.

Steven Anthony King

Certified Relationship Coach

Complete Chocolate Couples Inc.

#honesty #truthful #trust #foundation

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