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Words to live Live By in a Healthy Relationship: 'SUPPORT'

Word of the Day: “Support”….4. give active help and encouragement: to give active help, encouragement to somebody or something.

According to psychologist, there are several “basic human needs” that every person has. One of these is the need for certainty (stability, safety and comfort). Studies show that when infants are not given “support” through acts of affection, endearing words and nurturing, they are more prone to illness and developmental deficiencies.

Support in a relationship is equally vital to its growth and development. No one wants to feel alone when going through challenging times. When we are being supportive in our relationships, we are building trust and confidence in one another; both intricate parts in achieving that ultimate goal of becoming soul mates.

Support reaps mutual rewards for both parties involved. For the recipient, it allows that person to address whatever challenge they are going through with a sense of reassurance and a much more championed mindset, knowing that there partner “has their back”. For the supporter, it allows them to move away from selfish, self centered attitudes that can only be divisive.

Another common benefit obtained by practicing support is a sense of empowerment or achievement once the challenge has been overcome; you get that feeling of “we” did it, which adds to the unity or oneness of the relationship.

It’s also very important to be consistent with our support. It’s easy to give support when we feel our partners have been wronged. What about when our partners make mistakes….how supportive are we willing to be then? We must remain just as supportive during those times. Now I’m not suggesting that we endorse inappropriate behavior; pointing out mistakes is part of being supportive but timing is crucial and should never take place in public or in the midst. Support your partner through the adversity and when the dust settles then address the other issues.

For me, there is no better feeling than knowing my wife has my back 100%; I’m ready to take on the world!!!

So always support your partner and you’ll live like a Complete Chocolate Couple!!!

Live Long and Love Life!!!

Steven Anthony King

Certified Relationship Coach

Complete Chocolate Couples Inc.

#support #healthyrelationships #confidence

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