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Words to Live By in a Healthy Relationship: 'EFFORT'

Word of the Day:

“Effort”….1. energy: mental or physical energy that is exerted in order to achieve a desired purpose. ”I wish they'd put a little more effort into it.”

For all those who are achieving the desired purpose of their relationship, you already know the “effort” it took to get there.

Happiness in a relationship is a direct result of the effort put forth by “both” people in that relationship.

In order to maintain that feeling of infatuation that comes along with a new relationship, effort must continuously be put forth. Complacency can be the arch enemy of people who have been in relationships for an extended period of time. It causes predictable, mundane routines that people go along with; not because they really want to but because they feel a sense of obligation to.

What Tina and I have learned is that you can’t expect things to remain the way they were in the beginning and you shouldn’t want them to. Relationships (as are people) are naturally yearning to evolve; and when you don’t put forth the effort needed to cultivate that evolution, the growth is stunted and that’s where the conflict starts.

Effort has a reciprocating effect; the more you put forth, the more results you see, which means you want to put forth more effort so you can see more results; and on and on and on.

So remember today to give yourselves an “E” for effort….because whatever you want out of your relationship if you put forth the effort you will truly live the life of a Complete Chocolate Couple.

Live Long and Love Life!!!

Steven Anthony King

Certified Relationship Coach

Complete Chocolate Couples Inc.

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