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The Complete Chocolate Couples Meetup Group, located  in the New York, New Jersey area where couples come together and fellowship in social settings.

You might find them at them facilitating relationship forums, movies, dinner, salsa class, playing paintball or at a smooth jazz club.


The group was created primarily for personal reasons. After becoming married, Steven and Tina found themselves limited in the number of committed couples that they could hang out with in social settings. Thoroughly enjoying one another’s company, Steven and Tina also recognized the importance of fellowshipping with like-minded couples. It turned out that ther were many other couples looking for the same energy.

The fun, camaraderie and sharing of similar experiences and personal triumphs make for a perfect combination in creating long lasting friendships.


The Meetup group provides that “getaway” from the stresses of work, kids and all of life’s demands. The group definitely helps bring back and maintain that feeling of young couples in love!!!

Join Us! Click on the Link Below: 

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